Players Companion

Player's Companion brings gaming into the 21st century by taking the tried and true character sheet into the digital realm of phones and tablets.

Roll ability scores, select your class, feats ,equipment, add skill points to each class, a familiar, animal companion or create a spellbook. Keep track of your hits points as you bravely confront the evil hordes of hell. Player's Companion comes with everything you need to create your favourite hero.

  • Select Class, Prestige Class, Feats, Special Abilities, Skills, and Traits
  • Create a spellbook for your spellcaster
  • Optimized for Phones and Tablets

Spellbook Companion

Spellbook Companion from Stone Golem Games puts a spellbook in the palm of your hand. Made for the 3.5 edition of the worlds oldest role playing game, Spellbook Companion allows you to look up arcane and divine spells quickly and easily, browse spells by character class and create a spellbook for your favorite spellcaster.

Spell Companion features include:

  • Complete listing of all arcane and divine spells
  • A search feature to help you find your spell quickly and easily
  • A listing of spells by character class including all Cleric domain spells
  • Create a spellbook for all classes that can cast a spell
  • Compatible with Phones and Tablets

GenPack Deluxe

Need a quick trap to hurt your players... Got It! How about a tavern for the bar fight the players always seem get into... Got it! What about an NPC, villain, or monster to round out your gaming session... Got it! Treasure for those encounters... Got it! Want to make a special weapon, armor, or shield for a player, villain, or NPC... Got it! Feel like insulting your players in true medieval fashion? We even have that too..

Gen Pack Deluxe features include:

  • Generators: Treasure, Tavern, Item Companion, Traps, Encounter, NPC, and Medieval Insults
  • Compatible with Phones and Tablets


Dice Companion is a simple dice roller app for all your dice rolling needs. Use it for playing the worlds oldest role playing game as well as rolling your character stats. You can create customized rolls for your fighters attack and damage rolls as well as your spellcasters favorite spell damage.

Dice Companion features include:

  • A d20 system dice roller
  • 5 different ways to roll character stats
  • Customize your characters dice rolls
  • A help menu to help you use dice companion
  • Optimized for Phones and Tablets

Enjoy dice companion and may you always roll a natural 20.

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The Vault

D&D Character Classes

  • Ninja 3.5

Pathfinder Prestige Classes

  • Monk of the Vengeful Hand
  • Channeling Master
  • Psychic Commander

Pathfinder Character Classes

  • Tomb Raider
  • Relic Hunter
  • Ninja
  • Channeler

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